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  • You CAN NOT wear camouflage clothing in Jamaica.  It is against the law.  You will be arrested.  Camouflage is in fashion but it is prohibited in Jamaica.

  • Bring plenty of cash.  Some ATMs will not work if using certain debit cards, such as debit cards from credit unions.

  • Bring small dollar bills for tips and for bartering because you will not receive change for larger bills.

  • You can use either U.S. dollars or Jamaican dollars, and you will find that most vendors prefer U.S. dollars.

  • Do not carry money or valuables in a backpack.  Keep everything in front of you.  Backpacks and other items not in front of you are prime targets for pickpockets and thieves.

  • The ride from the airport to the resort is approximately 3 hours and usually the driver will stop at a convenience store so that you can purchase refreshments.  This ride is included in the price of your trip.

  • There will be lots of ganja (marijuana, weed, etc.) offered to you for sale.  DO NOT BUY IT!!  It is a trick to get you arrested.

  • Most Jamaicans are very aggressive when trying to sell their items.  Be stern and keep walking.  Do not tell vendors that you will be back later.  They will remember you and seek you out to return to their stand.

  • Lots of Jamaican women will approach you to braid your hair on the beach.  Do not get lured in by their promises of low prices and "good deals."  

  • Jamaican casinos are different from U.S. casinos.  The same rules do not apply and the security levels are not the same.

  • Due to COVID, bring your own snorkel equipment.

  • In the hotel, either put your valuables in the lockbox or decline housekeeping.  It is common for valuables to be stolen from hotel rooms.

  • Name brand items and designer clothing are very popular in Jamaica and are extremely likely to be stolen.

  • Once you check out of the hotel room, you must leave the resort and you will not be allowed to remain at the resort for any reason.

  • Do not drink the Jamaican tap water.  Drink only bottled water.

  • Bring a black ink pen on the plane to complete the customs paperwork.

  • DON'T FORGET to bring passport, driver's license, and COVID vaccine card

  • Bring sunblock, bug spray, anti-itch cream and water shoes.

  • Shop NOW for swimsuits, white clothing and water shoes because stores will not have these items available in November and December.

  • Men will need to bring button down shirts and dress pants for dining at the resort.

  • Get the international roaming phone plan for your cellular phone service and cancel it when you return to the U.S.

  • Don't miss out on tasting the curry goat, rice & peas, oxtail, fried plaintains, jerk chicken and Jamaican patties.

  • Night life can be found in Ocho Rios and Negril.

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